Grinding Width: 12 in. (300mm)
Production: 400 Sq. Ft. per hour
Tooling Speed: 150-1480 RPM
Motor Speed: 580-1750 RPM
Power: 3hp/5hp
Amperage: 30 A 
Voltage: 220V, 1ø, 60 Hz/230V-460V 3ø, 60 Hz
Power Cord: 25 ft. 
Dust Hose Connection: 2" in  
Dimensions: L 21in x  W 37.5 in. x H 52.5 in.
Weight: 217 lbs (98.43kg)

Blastrac 1-15DSGI Shot Blaster


  • Lightweight easy to mobilize
  • Single head grinder
  • Dust free operation
  • 12” Grinding pass
  • Available in single phase or three phase motors
  • Can use all tooling to match polishing steps
  • Coating removal /Preparation/ Polishing
  • Articulating head for both right and left edge  grinding
  • Variable speed Control
  • Simple Adaptor Plate for Tooling Dust