05-BL-233 Grinder



Grinding Width: 7 in. (178mm)
Prod. Capacity:
150/200 sq.ft/hr
6600 rpm
Voltage: 120, 1ø, 60 Hz
Amperage: 15A
Power Cord:
6 ft. (1.8m)
Dust Hose Connection:
 2 in. (50.8mm)
L 19 in. x W 4.5 in. x H 5 in.
(483mm x 114mm x 127mm)
without handle attached
Net 9 lbs (4kg)


The 05-BL-233 is a quality hand-held grinder designed specifically for concrete prep and coatings removal. The heavy-duty design of the 05-BL-233 provides solid performance when grinding for concrete preparation along walls, around protrusions, and those hard-to-access areas, and offers great dependability for removing epoxies and mastics when utilizing appropriate grinding disks and wheels. 

Built with a die-cast, aluminum gear housing, the 05-BL-233 accepts a 7” disk on its 5/8-11 threaded spindle and easily handles diamond cup wheels as well as grinding disks. The motor has easy to access carbon brushes and features a safety switch to guard against unintentional starts. The grip handle can be positioned at one of three places on the gear housing. 

The new Blastrac 05-BL-233 is also available with a one-piece dust shroud that mounts without tools. The shroud is essential for controlling airborne dust and particulate while grinding. When coupled with the Blastrac BDC-1216 or BDC-1114-PKG dust collector, and equipped with the Blastrac full shroud or hinged shroud, the  
05-BL-233 operates with nearly all dust eliminated. The operator can breathe easier while observing the work area more safely, increasing job productivity.

Blastrac Hand-Held Grinder


  • Fits into smaller spaces, great for edging walls and obstructions
  • Safety switch to guard against unintentional start-ups


  • Powerful 6600 rpm motor
  • Easily accessible and replaceable carbon brushes
  • Die-cast aluminum gear housing used with a Blastrac shroud and connected to the BDC-1216 or BDC-1114-PKG