Blastrac scarifiers are ideal for contractors when facing common slab problems. Blastrac makes the perfect scarifier to address your surface preparation needs!

Blastrac scarifiers are versatile surface preparation tools used for concrete, asphalt and even steel surfaces. Models can be connected to an appropriate dust collection system for virtually dust-free operation. Ideal for the painting or flooring contractor hired to apply, or remove and repair, a coating on a concrete floor, scarifying can help achieve the proper surface preparation and correct surface profile that is critical to a successful and long lasting coating job—the key to preventing call backs. They are also very useful for preparing problem areas on concrete slabs: over-troweled burned areas, high spots, curled expansion joints, excessive trowel marks, and weather damage, etc. They are efficiently used for transitioning uneven surfaces and trip hazards. The cutters and spacers can be configured on the drum shafts in a variety of ways for other applications, including the cutting of safety grooves in concrete ramps, walkways and loading docks.

  • Repair common slab problems: curled joints, high spots, uneven slabs, burned areas from overtroweling, trowel marks and damage due to weather
  • Remove oil and contaminants, mill scale and rust
  • Remove epoxy coatings, thermoplastic coatings, paint and traffic lines
  • Remove glues and adhesives
  • Level uneven surfaces and trip hazards