Hand Held Pick Up

Hand Held

Hand Held Magnet
Part Number 08400002
An essential accessory in the Blastrac Magnetic Products line, the hand held pick up magnet is critical to efficiency on any jobsite that requires a shot blasting system.

Magnets are necessary tools for cleaning the work area of metal debris prior to surface preparation, preventing damage to equipment. They are also helpful for quick job site cleanup after shot blasting, and for loading and unloading shot from the machine hopper.

The Blastrac hand-held magnet cleans shot from small areas and transfer bulk collection of metal debris into containers. The high strength magnet is "on" until the one hand operated lever is pulled to release the collected debris. This product helps keep a clean, safe job site or work location.

  • Loading shot into machine
  • Unloading shot from machine
  • Transfer bulk collection of metal debris
  • High strength magnet