Blastrac 900VMB Steel Shot Blaster


Blasting Width: 35 in. (890mm)
Blasting Capacity:
 up to 1,290 sq.ft. /hr., (120m/hr.) on steel SP-10/SA 2,5
Blast Wheel Power: 2 x 25kW/33.5 Hp
Drive System/Hoisting Speed:
 Electric/1.5-34ft./min. (0,5-10 m/min.)
Voltage: 460 V, 3ø, 60 Hz

Amperage: 100 A
Dimensions (L x W x H):
 34.75” x 62.25” x 52.5”
 1,874 lb. (850kg) including winch
Dust Collector:
Blastrac 1-15DSGI Shot Blaster


The Blastrac 900VMB is the latest automated system for removing paint, rust, mill scale or marine growth from the sides of petrochemical storage tanks, water storage tanks, ship hulls or other near-vertical steel surfaces.

The Blastrac 900VMB is a vertical shot blasting system used in conjunction with a roof rigging system, winch or crane, to prepare the sides of vertical or near-vertical steel surfaces. The 900VMB operates in an up-and-down direction to clean and profile the surface and is guided via remote control. For thorough removal of debris and contaminants, the dust collector Blastrac BDC-99/15kW operates independently and can be located up to 180 feet away from the blast head.

Blasting width is 35 inches and the quick change mouth seal takes minutes to replace. Enjoy the increased productivity and reduced maintenace costs of the 900VMB.


  • Closed circuit which is virtually dust free when connected to the BDC-99/15kW
  • Seperate remote controls for blast head and rigging system
  • Increased productivity, reduced maintenance costs
  • The best vertical performer for thick-layers coating and chlorinated rubber removal
  • Fast and efficient removal of coatings, paint, rust and mill scale
  • Separate dust collector for thorough removal of dust and debris
  • Ergonomic design and user friendly
  • Dual infinite winch systems