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Bridge & Highway

The capabilities of the Blastrac shot blaster, and scarifier products are offering the professional contractor more choices in how roads, bridges, airport runways and other large jobs are handled in the surface preparation stages.

Surface Preparation

Milling a road surface alone can introduce microfractures, small fissures in the surface area and subsurface that weaken the structure and can lead to further deterioration in the future. The microfractures are especially susceptible to the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle. Using shot blasting in combination with, or instead of milling, can reduce issues associated with microfracturing – leading to longer life of the roadway.

With the development of the Blastrac system, productivity levels can be achieved that allow for greater use of shot blasting as either a combination method or as the sole method of surface preparation for large bridge and highway jobs, particularly for jobs that require removal ¼" or less of concrete.

Road regeneration and rubber removal

For decades in Europe, and now in the United States, shot blasting has been shown to be effective in cleaning and improving the macro and micro textures of asphalt surfaces. Our systems are highly productive, leading to reduced lane closure times and minimal traffic disruption.

Shot blasting has no detrimental effects on the structural integrity of the surface course. On worn-out roads, shot blasting can prolong the life of roadways, deterring the need to immediately invest in new surface course construction.

Striping and marking removal

Shot blasting systems are highly effective in removing striping and markings on roadways and parking surfaces. The surface is left clean and dry, ready for painting. Systems are available for narrow markings or for striping up to four feet wide in a single pass.