Residential Concrete - Blastrac Canada

Residential Concrete

Blastrac systems give you the functionality to address not only large scale commercial jobs but also your residential flooring needs as well.

Residential projects vary somewhat in the details that must be addressed. Dust management is a huge priority when dealing with a residential surface preparation project.

Shrouded grinders can result in a cleaner job site, a more comfortable working environment, and faster cleanup. The same is true for saws and other surface preparation tools that work to control dust.

Decorative Cuts

Saws are used to create artificial grout lines and decorative score cuts to enhance the beauty of stained floors.

Decorative score lines are usually produced with a diamond blade that is set at a very shallow cutting depth, under 1 1/4 " Because of the shallow depth, the ability to see where the blade is cutting can be critical to the appearance of a project. The slightest nudge of the saw can cause the blade to skip out of the cut and ruin an entire project.

In addition to a cleaner job site (and happier client), there are other more important advantages to using dust controlling, walk behind saws like the Blastrac Crac-Vac:

  • Improved blade tracking
  • Straighter, cleaner cuts
  • Improved and efficient production
  • Variety of blades for more applications

Garage Floors

Garage floors are often put through the same rigors as industrial warehouse floors. Typical problems include:

  • Oil and grease stains,
  • Chemical spills, and
  • Cracks and uneven spots

Depending on your situation, Blastrac makes the ideal product to address all of the above issues. Hand-held grinders and polishers, crack repair saws, scarifiers, and walk-behind shot blasters all present possible solutions to your residential surface preparation needs.