Roadways - Blastrac Canada


Safety in federal, state and local government’s transportation infrastructure has become increasingly a large budget concern. With environmental issues also at the forefront, utilizing the most productive equipment to accomplish maintenance and repair goals can be a challenge. Now you can meet those challenges head on with the expertise of Blastrac and our commitment to quality.

For over 30 years Blastrac has been manufacturing, developing and testing surface preparation equipment including drivable ride-on, and ride-in, shot blasting machines. This equipment is very efficient and environmentally friendly for the operator, workforce, surroundings and general public. Whether you’re a multi-state highway contractor, state or local municipality transportation director you can trust the original surface preparation experts, Blastrac.

We have also worked with leading chemical researchers and manufacturers to develop and promote technologies that are more than state-of-the-art. With the proper surface preparation, these new application chemicals and unique formulas increase the strength and longevity of new and existing highway infrastructure—allowing allocation funds to stretch further.