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Special Applications

Ship Decks & Hulls

Blastrac equipment has historically been the ideal choice for contractors involved in the surface preparation of ship decks and hulls. Horizontal & Vertical Systems.  Blastrac makes shot blasting systems that prepare both the horizontal surfaces of ship decks as well as the vertical surfaces of ship hulls. The vertical systems, used in conjunction with roof rigging systems, operate in an up-and-down direction, via remote control, to clean and profile the surface.

Blastrac: Right Tools for the Job

As part of the maintenance schedule for Navy ships, the flight deck nonskid coating, a two-part epoxy resin and polyglycol-epoxy resin, must be removed and replaced. With an accelerated time frame for these repairs to be completed, shot blasting was the recommended surface preparation method.

The selected contractor used two newly developed Blastrac® machines for removal of the nonskid, which ranged from 16 mils in the valleys to 30 mils at the peaks. The machines used were two ride-on shot blasters, Blastrac 2-4800DH, with 48 inch blast patterns and a third walk-behind machine for edge work.

The choice of equipment used for the job was instrumental to its success. The three machines significantly reduced the number of machines, personnel and logistics support normally required to complete a job of this magnitude.

 Surface Preparation of Navy Ships

Compared to commonly used shot blast systems with a 20 inch blast pattern, the Blastrac system eliminated the need for as many as eight to ten machines, ten to fourteen personnel, and support equipment that would have been required to ensure the delivery schedule.

Additionally, since the ride-on systems had onboard dust collectors, supplemental machines were not needed, allowing other contractors to continue their deck work with limited interruption.

This choice of Blastrac equipment completed the 80,000 square feet job in seven blasting days, reaching productivity rates of 1,200 square feet per hour, per machine.

The Benefits of Using Blastrac

Contractors working on ships must be prepared to deal with reduced time frames, changing weather conditions, a non-controlled environment and more. Compliance with the surface preparation procedures, quality, speed, cost, and no FOD are keys. You have to have the right equipment that can do the job, and do it quickly.

Advantages to using Blastrac shot blast systems:

  • remove paint, rust, mill scale and marine growth
  • clean ship and aircraft carrier decks
  • remove non-skid coatings
  • cleans offshore platforms
  • prepare petroleum and water storage tank surfaces
  • no external containment necessary

Storage Tanks

The Blastrac vertical shot blasting systems are used to prepare the sides of petrochemical or water storage tanks, ship hulls and other vertical or near-vertical steel surfaces.

These efficient systems are used in conjunction with roof rigging systems, hydraulic winches or cranes, to prepare the sides of vertical steel surfaces. These special systems operate in an up-and-down direction to clean and profile the surface. They are guided via remote control for added productivity.

Blastrac steel shot blasting is a labor and time-saving process that strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously. It leaves the surface immediately ready for the application of coatings or overlays, eliminating drying time and costly disposal procedures associated with other surface preparation methods. The vertical Blastrac steel shot blasting systems utilize continuous internal-recycling of abrasive that helps eliminate contamination usually associated with open-air blast systems. A range of surface profiles can be achieved through selection of steel shot or angular steel abrasive by type, size and machine travel speed.

Advantages to using a Blastrac system for steel surface preparation over other methods:

  • achieve high productivity rates: up to 6 times greater
  • requires less manpower and minimizes operator fatigue
  • recycles abrasive–leads to potential cost savings
  • simplified handling and disposal of wastes
  • environmentally friendly, no need for containment
  • allows other trades to work simultaneously
  • no costly pumps to buy or maintain
  • no flash rusting–shot blasted surface is clean and dry

Vertical systems, used in conjunction with especially developed rigging or special hydraulic winch systems, can prepare the sides of steel storage tanks, internal as well as external, ship hulls, and other vertical steel surfaces with greater efficiency that other methods.

Contact a Blastrac sales representative for more information on steel surface preparation or utilize our Ask An Expert online forum for answers to your questions.