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Blastrac’s “Experts” can assist you with any questions you may have about Blastrac equipment, products and surface preparation applications.  Our “Experts” have 40 years combined experience with a wealth of knowledge and expertise relating to concrete grinding, scraping, scarifying, dust collection and shotblasting. 

The key to a successful coating or overlayment project is successful surface preparation.  Blastrac “Experts” agree that surface preparation will save you time and money, and can substantially reduce the possibility of coating failure and costly re-work.

Blastrac “Experts” have a wide range of knowledge with jobs like: concrete repair, restoration, general construction, flooring, painting & coating, bridges & highways, airports, remediation, demolition & renovation, utility, marine/shipyards, storage tank maintenance and others.

Your question(s) go directly to one of our “Expert” staff who will send you a response directly to your email.
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Some questions and answers may be posted on our website so that others may gain insight and perspective on common surface preparation questions or problems.