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Blastrac Global Series

Posted on 05/11/2010

Blastrac introduces our new line of Global Shot Blasters and proves once again that “green” has been growing here for quite some time. These new Global machines further complement the Blastrac line-up of quality and environmentally-sound equipment for surface preparation. This new generation of shot blasters will soon be the norm for efficient and consistent operation while offering the most desirable production rates for surface preparation. Blastrac shot blasters have always provided the most cost effective and friendly-to-the-environment processes to strip, clean, and profile concrete, steel, and asphalt surfaces.

The new series of machines, the 1-8DPS30, 1-10DS Global, 1-15DS Global, and the 2-20DT Global are all self-propelled walk-behind units that are easily maneuverable forward and reverse. With production rates from 450 sq. ft. per hour to 4850 sq. ft. per hour, these Global machines operate virtually dust-free when connected to their respective and appropriate Blastrac dust collector. These machines are kinder to the environment, the operator, and other work force by prepping surfaces in a labor and time saving, one-step process resulting in reduced pollutants and noise at the jobsite. Blastrac shot blasting systems strip away coatings, line stripings, and compounded residues to leave the surface clean, dry and profiled― all while controlling and containing the dust and contaminants in a matched dust collector, most featuring HEPA rated filtration systems.

Consistent blast patterns and improved productivity are partially attained through the AC inverted drive-motors and integrated brakes on the new Global series. This means the blast travel speed is easily maintained up or down grades and especially on flat surfaces.  The operator is less fatigued and can manage larger areas more effectively. All units also feature easily accessible controls with drive and speed adjustments on the steering handles for finger-tip control and smooth operation.

The 1-10DS and 1-15DS Global machines feature dual voltage motors with auto-sensing technology for literally “plug-n-blast” operation. The electrical panels have state-of-the-art auto-sensing voltage controls for added safety and to save time for the operator, no need to manually transfer wiring connections for 230 versus 440 volts. All electrical components are UL Certified as part of the Blastrac commitment to safety protocol.

For easier transporting, both the larger 1-15DS and 2-20DT Global machines have quick-lift rear caster assemblies that are actuated with the supplied precision leverage bar that stores on-board the units. The Global series have heavy-duty castors and drive wheels for dependable performance and maneuverability. The new Global series also feature extended life motors; high-life blast wheels; laser-cut components; use of improved manufacturing technologies; and powder coated finishes for added durability.

The future of self-propelled walk behind shot blasting is in the new Blastrac Global Series. The quality fit and finish of these machines is immediately recognizable. With the advanced features and foreseeable improved performance, these new Global machines from Blastrac will be a must-have for the discerning surface preparation contractor.

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