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Blastrac Search for Oldest Shot Blaster...has a Winner!

Posted on 12/01/2010

Blastrac® Search for Oldest Shot Blaster...has a Winner!

Blastrac launched a widespread search for the oldest operating 1-10 shot blaster still used for surface prep today. Submissions were received and combed through to find Blastrac's 1-10D shot blaster that has stood the test of time.  The winner is...Durex Coverings, Inc., and was submitted by Dean M. Bucher. In 1985, Bruce and Dean Bucher from Durex Coverings visited Blastrac at the World of Concrete, where they decided to purchase a Blastrac 1-10D. The Blastrac equipment is still owned, operational, and utilized by Durex Coverings. "Since purchasing the first two units, Durex Coverings also purchased two 1998 units that are still in full operational capacity." says Dean Bucher. Blastrac & Durex Coverings have maintained a continuous relationship since 1985; no other blast machines are in their fleet.  Durex Coverings has two locations in Brownstown, Pennsylvania & Elkridge, Maryland. Dean describes the Pennsylvania branch, where Bruce and Dean are both located as the original generation and the Maryland branch where Kevin and Eric DeCarlo are located, as the current and future generation of Durex Coverings. As the winning entrant, Dean M. Bucher and Eric DeCarlo will receive round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations for three nights, and attendee entrance to WOC 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Blastrac will be displaying the qualifying machine in the Blastrac exhibit at WOC 2011.

Blastrac presents the oldest operational 1-10D shot blaster as a testament to years of engineering and manufacturing expertise.  Blastrac will also show the latest in their line of Global Series Shot Blasters with enhanced features for greater productivity, lower operating costs, and ease of use.  The quality of Blastrac stands the test of time.

The rich history of Blastrac spans almost 35 years, nearly as long as World of Concrete itself.  Blastrac's technology has maintained and enhanced its "green" friendly-to-the environment process.  The quality of Blastrac stands the test of time.

Be sure to come by Blastrac's Booth S-10127 in January during the 2011 World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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