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Update to a Blastrac Success Story

Posted on 06/09/2010

Blastrac introduced its High-Life Wheel Kit in the last quarter of 2008. It continues to be a huge success with surface prep professionals and contractors. At the heart of the components is the hard-alloy blast wheel and control cage. Unsurpassed for durability, these special alloy components have benefited many contractors with increased wear life on these parts of up to 50%. The special alloy blast wheel is the hardest production 8 inch wheel on the market today. Increased material thickness has also been precision cast into the high wear areas for further integrity and long life.

With nearly two years in the marketplace, and thousands of blast wheels sold, field reports have proven that the initial Blastrac test data was accurate. A properly cast wheel under exacting standards produces a blast wheel that meets with comparable tolerances of a balanced wheel. While a balanced wheel’s “balance” is lost within a short period of time, the new hard-alloy blast wheel holds its integrity far longer, delivering more hours of blasting performance. Utilization of the Blastrac hard-alloy blast wheel and control cage does not accelerate the need for premature service or replacement of additional parts or components.

The other part of the successful High-Life Wheel Kit is the one time upgrade kit that fits older model Blastrac 1-10D, 1-15D, 2-20D, and 2-30D machines. With this simple upgrade, contractors can enjoy the increased performance and productivity provided by the High-Life blast wheel and control cage. Current Blastrac models are being built with the hard-alloy blast wheels and control cages.
The one-time upgrade kit for older models includes the control cage support bracket, simplified feed-spout clamps, and a control cage support with stamped graduated markings that easily allow repeatable control cage settings for blast profile continuity.

Feedback from Blastrac customers confirms that coupling the High-Life blast wheel and control cage with the one-time upgrade kit and trusted Blastrac machines can deliver continued solid performance for achieving the profiles sought by coating and surface prep professionals and contractors.

“It’s great to have one [blast] wheel to fit all my [Blastrac] machines. The upgrade kit makes it easy to adjust the blast patterns and the overall life is much better than previous wheels,” states Garren Wright, Service Manager of All-West Surface Prep in Denver, CO. “The reduced cost of Blastrac’s new blast wheel from the older wheels is an added bonus.”

David Glynn of First Class Floor Systems in St. Petersburg, FL says, “I love the new blast wheel. I installed the kit in my 1-10DS99 and increased the blasting performance from 25 hours to 50 hours on Florida concrete.” Mr. Glynn expressed further, “I’m always interested in ways to cut costs per square foot, and the lower cost of the Blastrac high-life wheel helps with that.” 

Blastrac has always been about designing and manufacturing quality surface preparation equipment, quality equipment that can be trusted for performance and durability. Blastrac has measured up to this task for 30 plus years. Blastrac continues to demonstrate its concern about the quality and safety of the products they manufacture and in the performance of those products. That’s why Blastrac has invested their efforts and expertise to produce the High-Life blast wheel and control cageā€•to deliver enhanced performance and longevity.

For more information about the High-Life Wheel Kit, call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 800-256-3440, or to discuss your particular needs for surface preparation.

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