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05-73900 Loop Handles

Grinding / Grinding Accessories

Specifically designed and made to fit the Blastrac05-BL233 7” hand-held grinder. Allows grinding forconcrete preparation along walls, around protrusions,and those hard-to-access areas. The loop handle offersoperator comfort and limits fatigue by…

Premium Shrouds

Grinding / Grinding Accessories

Use the Blastrac® Premium Shrouds as part of the dust containment system on hand grinders, sanders or polishers to help reduce airborne dust and particulates. The shroud facilitates a cleaner and safer work environment when grinding, planing, or removing…

Diamond Cup Wheels

Grinding / Grinding Accessories

Blastrac’s Cup Wheels are ideal for concrete cleaning, thin coating removal, and planing high spots in concrete finishes. Their turbo-style design minimizes swirl marks from the grinding process. The “T” segment cup wheel is perfect…

PCD Wings & Plate

Grinding / Grinding Accessories

PCD’s are great for thick coating removal, very aggressive. For best results remove bulk of coating without continued contact with concrete. Come back with an aggressive metal bond diamond segment and clean up any thin coating left behind. This…

Heavy-Grind Diamond Plates

Grinding / Grinding Accessories

Maximize your productivity by using the Blastrac recommended products. See our full line of grinding and polishing systems and accessories. We have the perfect tool for your job! Blastrac’s Heavy-Grind Diamond Plates are the best solution for large…

Cougr Disks

Grinding / Grinding Accessories

Cougr® heavy-duty abrasive disks are ideal for removing soft coatings, mastics, urethanes, epoxies or paint. The 4.5 and 7 inch diameter disks have a rigid plastic base with a hard silicon-carbide abrasive coating. The rigid plastic back is designed…