BMP-4000 - Blastrac Canada



  • Only Ride-On milling machine which can also be used as a sawing machine.
  • Comfortable to use, easy to move and low vibration.
  • By using more spacers and fewer blades, sawing pattern can be changed.
  • Electric control system for safe working conditions.
  • Can work up to 1.250 inch from edge.
  • When wheels are folded in, the drive wheel automatically changes directions.
  • Operates virtually dust-free when connected to the BDC-99.
BMP-4000 Milling Drum BMP-4000 Sawing Drum

Technical Specifications

Name Description
Cleaning Path Milling/15.75 in (400mm) Sawing/15 in. (380mm)
Electric Motor 460V, 3ΓΈ, 60 Hz
Gas Motor 34kW 3 cylinder diesel engine
Working Speed 0-35 m/min.
Dimensions L 78 in x W 50 in x H 60 in (L 1981mm x W 1270mm x H 1524mm)
Weight 3417 lb (1550kg)

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