2-20DTMKII - Blastrac Canada


2-20DT Global Shot Blaster


Blasting Width: 20 in. (550mm)
Travel Speed: Up to 108 ft/min. (33m/min)
Prod. Capacity: Up to 4850 sq.ft/hr (450m2/h) on concrete
Blast Motor: Twin 15 hp (11kw) 
Voltage: 460V, 3ø, 60 Hz
Amperage: 44A
Power Cord: 65 ft. (20m)
Dust Hose Connection: 6 in. (152mm)
Dimensions: L 77 in. x W 28 in. x H 55 in.
(1956mm x 711mm x 1397mm)
Weight: Net 1268 lb. (575kg)

pdf file   Features and Benefits

Combo price graphic 1388The Blastrac® 2-20DTMKII is a powerful self-propelled 20” shot blasting system, ideal for medium to larger sized jobs. Whether improving traction and skid resistance or prepping for coatings and overlays, the versatile 2-20DTMKII strips, cleans and profiles concrete and asphalt, or horizontal steel surfaces in one easy step.

The AC inverted drive-motor for self-propelled operation features an integrated brake which helps maintain speed on ramps and inclines. This improves productivity and promotes a more even and consistent blast pattern and surface profile. Attached to the BDC-99 dust collector, it operates virtually dust-free. A slide-out screen in the shot hopper facilitates the removal of large debris.

The 2-20DTMKII can prepare up to 4850 sq. ft. per hour consuming abrasive at about 1.6 lb. per 108 sq. ft. or 78 lb. per hr. The quick-lift rear caster assembly makes this 1268 lb. unit easily transportable. It has highly visible and manageable controls with the drive control on the steering handle. The 2-20DTMKII operates on 460V, three-phase, and all electrical components and panels are UL certified, part of the Blastrac commitment to safety protocol.

Perfect for industrial floors, warehouses, road and airport maintenance, and parking garages, this shot blaster is an environmentally sound choice for high productivity in surface preparation.

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  • Easily maneuverable, self-propelled machine–forward and reverse
  • AC inverted drive-motor with integrated brake for even, down-slope operation on ramps and inclines
  • Quick-lift rear caster assembly for easier transporting, loading and off-loading
  • Highly versatile and appropriate for medium to large job sites


  • Excellent for industrial floor prep, road and airport maintenance, ship decks, decontamination, and more
  • Labor and time-saving shot blasting process strips, cleans and profiles in one step−cost effective and friendly to the environment
  • Operates virtually dust-free when connected to the Blastrac BDC-99 dust collector−healthier for the operator and coworkers